Tell Tails

Bridget Bridge throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean

A full length solo performance suited to intimate theatre venues and festivals.

Bridget’s granny regularly told wild stories of adventure, danger and love, they were completely true …and then some. This story is inspired by her.

In this new physical comedy Bridget tells some of her granny’s tales as well as her own in an exploration of life from birth into womanhood.

If you could give the person you love the most one message, what would it be?
When it’s time to escape the island, how do you fit the most beautiful place in the world into only one bag?
When you have to crawl over broken glass (literally) to find the answers, will it all be worth it?

“It’s like a trip down the hole of Alice in Wonderland, only this time it’s far more real.” 4 stars – Stewart Bell, Independent Journalist 2014.

Bridget Bridge posing in an overnight bag on the beach

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