Each of these stunning spectacles can be displayed anywhere, any-time. All acts are between 3 and 15 minutes in length, they are totally portable and require minimal staging and technical equipment. These acts are designed for cabarets, corporate events, private functions, festivals and entertainment venues. All acts are flexible and can be tailored to your event with costume and technical changes to suit risque or conservative audiences.

Strong Woman

This fast paced act is a wild ride of physical comedy, knock-a-bout and unusual displays of physical strength. See Tasmania’s only Strong Woman, Bridget Bridge tear an 800 page novel in half or put a cigarette out on her tongue before your very eyes.

“Exciting, scary, cute, and funny. With jaw dropping stunts and a smile to break your fear. Bridget Bridge is a delight and must see!” – Lady Midnight, Producer, 2014.

Dancing on Broken Glass

Have you ever seen someone look sexy while wearing fly-fishing waders? Well, Bridget Bridge manages to pull it off with style before diving into a huge pile of broken glass! She dances so delicately on the shards of glass that she is rarely cut.

“She was laying on shards of glass… We could see the blood… I was watching going ew, ew!” – John Safran, Triple J, 2012.

Rabbit Traps and Unbreakable Bones

Bridget grew up on a dairy farm where she had a diet high in calcium, which meant her bones became very, very, very strong. As teenagers her brothers found an old rusty rabbit trap in a shed and dared her to stick her hand in it. Despite all the ridiculous things Bridget’s brothers have put here through she hasn’t broken a single bone yet. Watch and be amazed as Bridget slams both her hands into set rabbit traps and comes away unscathed!

Remarkable stuff.” – Wal Eastman, The Mercury, 2006.

Balancing on Blades

Depending on the mood Bridget performs this act as a cow girl, exotic belly dancer, ridiculous burlesque babe or dark clown. Be entertained by the character and in awe of her ability to balance on the razor sharp edge of four massive machete blades.

“Not for the faint-hearted.” – The Age, 2012

Brook-Brook-Brook, Brook Clark!

Imagine seeing a chicken performing a strip tease, this act is silly and loads of fun! The game is to find out how many eggs it takes to hold the weight of a fully grown adult.

“There is no other art or theatre, that would be more diverse, spontaneous and accessible.” – Anita Zvingule, Kuldiga District Municipality, Latvia, 2010. (Direct translation: Latvian – English).

A Gift for all Occasions

This act is designed specifically for celebrations, be it a birthday, Christmas or any other gift giving event. This is the gift that unwraps it’s self before your very eyes, taking burlesque to a whole different level. Unlike most of Bridget’s acts this one does not involve any dangerous stunts …unless you count punching her way out of a paper bag. This act is perfect for a rowdy crowd!

Drag King Acts

Bridget performs two male characters: Chef Schnellberg Blitzen will make you a Bloody Mary – circus style, while Fireman Bruce will inevitably marry you. These cartoon-esque characters are strangely sexy and will sweep you up in the moment.

Kids Show

While the majority of Bridget’s acts are aimed at adults, she also knows how to keep the kids entertained and regularly performs at kids shows and parties. Bridget Bridge’s lovable clown comes to life with a variety of cute acts that both the kids and their parents will be entertained with, including her very own Flea Circus. When it comes to parties she has lots of fun games up here sleeve and she might even make you your very own balloon doggy to take home. This act is fun for everyone!

“characterised by… clever moves that are… completely upside down”. – Anita Zvingule, Kuldiga District Municipality, Latvia, 2010. (Direct translation: Latvian – English).

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